About Nikkeijinkai ・ 日系人会について

The Japanese Community Service of Seattle (a.k.a.: Seattle Nikkeijin Kai; Seattle Japanese Community Service; JCS; JCSS) is organized for the welfare of, but not limited to, persons of Japanese Ancestry and exclusively for nonprofit charitable and educational purposes.

The Nipponjin kai, the predecessor of the Japanese Community Service, was first established in 1901 in Seattle as the organization that had the leading roles in serving the local Nikkei community.

After the World War II, a new organization, the Japanese Community Service (JCS) of Seattle was established in 1947.  The JCS served as the organization that “respects the tradition passed onto the community, adapts to the environment where we exist, creates new legacy, supports the Nikkei community in retaining culture and promoting the language education.

In 1951, the JCS re-established the Seattle Japanese Language School as its committee and has supported in maintaining this important institution through the merger with the Japanese Cultural and Community Center.

The JCS has acted as the leading organization whenever the Japanese government and other public institutions need contact and support. The JCS has sponsored numerous welcoming events for the visiting officials and agencies, such as for the consul generals, maritime, agricultural and other groups. The JCS has united various groups within the Nikkei community so that vital information would be shared for the community-wide actions.

JCS support to help maintain our unique cultural heritage by having annual Taste of Japan event that show the traditional Japanese New Year’s foods.  In order to inform and educate the new generations of Nikkeis JCS has published, “Oshogatsu” –The New Year Festivities and distributed to the community members so that the culture, tradition and heritage we share are more clearly understood, nurtured and eventually passed onto future generations.

The JCS supports the annual Japanese Cherry Blossom and Cultural Festival, Eastside Aki Matsuri, Japanese Queen and Scholarship Organization, Seattle Keiro and others.  For the residents of Seattle Keiro, the  JCS makes visitations two times a year.

JCS’ latest involvement with the community in promoting culture, tradition and friendship is the annual “Musical Bridge Concert series that brings Japanese musical talents and other musical groups together.